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Innovations @ Onida

At Onida, Innovating happens for the consumer, and our customer centric insighting process ensures that consumers are contributing to our innovations. Our attempt is not just to give you a better or more useful products; we work towards giving you a better experience.

For instance, a television to us is not just about delivering good picture and sound. It’s the entire experience from the moment one switches on the TV that counts. Hence you will find that even the remote that we design, the On-Screen Display (OSD) that appears on the screen, the menu options etc. are intuitive and customer-friendly. Explore some of our innovations below.

iTube - India’s first Android based Smart 3D LED TV

Browse. Play. Connect. And do it all while you unwind.

The Onida iTube – the first Smart 3D LED TV that is based on the popular Android platform provides a browsing experience that is simple and a pleasurable, and also provides access to over 300,000 applications in the Android market.

There are several other first too that this LED TV lays claim to. Over 70 MB of space to download your favourite apps; a smart double-sided Qwerty remote that enhances the browsing experience, and Dual Processing – a unique feature whereby you can continue to buffer/ download data in the background even as you switch over to watching your favourite channel!

The 3D experience will take you to another world altogether and the 2D-3D conversion will ensure that you enjoy the 3D experience whenever you wish to!

iCare LED TV - TVs that care for your Eyes

Non-stop entertainment with iCare Technology

Onida’s iCare LED TV is designed with a unique technology that eases the strain of continuous TV viewing. The stunning monolithic design and glass finish ensure that the TV is the centre of all attention.

The iCare LED TV provides

- 99% Protection from UV Rays

- 95% Reflection-free Viewing

- 10 times tougher than normal LCD/ LED TVs

KY Rock - 1000 W of Rocking Entertainment

LCD TVs that were first introduced in India had abysmally low sound output. While this was a function of the product design and construct, it definitely was not what the Indian consumer was used to. In a country where sound dominates ones daily experiences, a feeble sound output from a television set was let-down.

While other companies started pushing their Home Theatre Systems to compensate for the lack of good sound, Onida put to good effect all its experience in delivering great sound in its CRT TVs. The result – the Onida Diamond KY Rock with 1000 W of mind-blowing sound. Least to say, entertainment has never been the same again with LCD TVs.

MultiFlow – Powerful Cooling. Energy Saving.

Have you ever wondered why Powerful cooling should be at the expense of high energy bills? Here’s Onida Multiflow AC – a unique AC with multi circuiting technology that ensures quicker cooling with maximum energy efficiency. Onida Multiflow ACs are designed with 4-way Airflow, Multi Point Refrigerant Flow and use high grade Golden fins.

PreCool - SMS Gone. AC On.

How often have you wished that your room is cooled even before you reach home? Here’s Onida Precool AC – the world’s first AC that can be operated from anywhere by sending an SMS to a Precool device that comes along with the AC. Now switch on your AC even as you are driving back home, and enter a room cooled to your comfort!

iCool – Instant Cooling. No Waiting.

How often have you wished for instant cooling when entering your room in peak summer? Here’s Onida iCool AC – the world’s first AC with an advanced Auto Climate Technology that controls both your ceiling fan and AC to deliver instant cooling with One touch control, Instant high 5 speed cooling, and world’s first energy saving meter on AC.

Sparkle - The True Fully Automatic Washing Machine with an in-built Brush

Onida Sparkle is another World’s First from Onida with an In-Built Brush in a washing machine. Now you can give your clothes a wash which is as good as a handwash. Unlike other Washing Machines, the In-Built Brush feature in this machine brushes your clothes inside so that your clothes come out cleaner.

Born out of today’s revolutionary washing technologies, Onida Sparkle range of Fully Automatic Washing Machines is vital for Indian homes. Keeping in mind the importance of a Washing Machine that gives clean clothes using minimal time and attention, Onida has Sparkle range of Washing Machines to take care of your concerns. These machines also come with Water Saver Eco Rinse features that enables 35% water saving.

Black Beauty - The health conscious Microwave Oven

Indian consumers still prefer traditional cooking to a more convenient microwave cooking, especially for Indian food. They also relish various regional dishes from other parts of India but are not comfortable cooking those dishes. ONIDA addressed this concern by introducing Black Beauty Microwave Oven with especially designed 123 Indian auto cook touch menus. So, now, it’s easier for a North Indian to enjoy Idli, Dosa, Sambhar etc. while a South Indian enjoys making Mutter Paneer, Dhokla etc. by only the touch of a button. A unique calorie meter is designed to provide healthy,tasty food on demand.

Movie TV - Entertainment, now at your fingertips.

Ultra Slim Movie TV Range (USB MODELS)-Living up to its image of introducing cutting-edge technology, Onida brings you yet another range of TVs made with innovation as the core ingredient.

The Onida Ultra Slim Movie TV range is not only 40% slimmer but also lets you instantly connect your USB flash drives to the TV. Enjoy your favourite movies, videos, music and photos with this superior range of TVs that are specially designed for complete family entertainment.

You couldn't have asked for anything better than this. Onida presents a range of CTVs in a whole new avatar with technologically advanced and cutting-edge features. You can now experience the best and the latest innovations with this range of colour televisions. Go ahead, indulge in the finest TV entertainment in the comfort of your home

KY Studio - Entertainment on the go

ONIDA was among the few brands launching India’s revolutionary mobile phone, KYS70 (Movie Phone) a phone that has re-invented the way you see movies on the move. With its star attraction MOVIE KING, you can store and watch over 80 movies on your mobile with 15 pre loaded movies aong with a 4GB memory card .


GlowBeats - Jazz up your Space

Onida brings you sound with a difference! This new LED Light Speaker System from Onida will definitely bring your living room alive by giving you a dazzling experience of sound with superior LED Lights. You can now enjoy crystal clear and uninterrupted wireless music by simply docking your iPod, iPhone or select Mobiles into a docking station. So Jazz up your Space, sit back and enjoy the radiant music and ambience.

NexS - Entertainment Galore

Home entertainment in India is witnessing a revolution. Continuing the trend of innovation, Onida launched the first-of-its-kind media internet TV organizer, ONIDA NexS comprising of a unique capability to play any media file formats of Full High Definition (FHD) movies and user generated videos on any HD featured LCD or LED TV.

Ranked amongst one of the best HD media juke box available today in the Indian market, ONIDA NexS plays upto 1080p video content that supports massive audio / video formats. It can also be networked with a PC system using an in built LAN port. Equipped with the Samba software which supports the network facility, the user can easily navigate the shared files in the PC to this jukebox from its home network and then play the files from its original destination. One can also directly share the windows media files from the PC through a Tunkey media server

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